The problem with Customer Experience is the designers

The problem with Customer Experience is that the vast majority of people who are working in this area lack understanding and expertise in human centred design.  As these people are often operate from an economic and engineering view of the world too often the customer experiences they design only meet functional needs – the neocortex.

What is rarely designed for is the emotional ( the way you make them feel) and spiritual (what you stand for in life) aspects.  The stuff that really matters.

I had an example of that just today.  I rang Customer Services, a young lady picked up the phone after a minute or so and then dealt efficiently with my request.  All done – functional needs met.  Yet, I left the call feeling the clinical coldness / efficiency of the encounter.  In fact I did not feel that there had actually been an encounter at all: no human warmth, no sense of fun, no spontaneity.  It reminded me of hospital:  when I am in a hospital I simply want to get out as soon as I can as hospitals lack human warmth.

I believe that there is a movie that illustrates what I am talking about – it stars William Hurt and is called The Doctor.  A customer experience designer can learn  a lot from watching this film.