How to deal with dissatisfied customers: learn from Troo Health Care

I am sitting here looking at a business card that came with a delivery from Troo Health Care and the following words leap out to me as they take up most of the space on the card:

“If there is ANYTHING you are not satisfied with regarding your order please TELL US before you tell anyone else.”

That tells you all that you need to know about the new world – if you are listening:

  • Every single customer, every single interaction, matters because for the first time in history every single ordinary customer can amplify her voice through social media and impact the company either positively or negatively;
  • Customer dissatisfaction matters because it is the one thing that will drive customers to write about you on the internet and share it with just about anyone that is listening;
  • The best way to deal with dissatisfied customers is to get them to contact you so that you can turn the dissatisfaction into satisfaction before they tell everyone else – so open up the channels and invite contacts from your customers;
  • In the long run it is cheaper and safer to turn a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied customer because she is likely to share how well you treated her – especially when she was not expecting that from you;
  • The marketing being done by your customers (through social media) is now as powerful as your corporate marketing; and
  • Customer experience is the new marketing battleground.
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