The views expressed in this blog are mine and mine alone. And as such, they should not be taken, in any way, as representing any other person, organisation, or entity.

I am clear that none of us has access to ‘the truth’ if such a truth exists.  That which I share in this blog is what shows up for me as my truth at a particular moment.  As such it may not be your truth. Therefore, I recommend that you take a skeptical approach to everything that you read including that which you read here on this blog.

One thought on “Disclaimer”

  1. Halfords auto service centre wait a wast of time and money 49 pound they never check air condishoin for re gas we feel we been done over as we paid the 49 pound and it only lasted 15 mint working been told its going to cost 377 pound or it to be sorted out just wish we gone to a proper place to get the car sorted at Guildford auto centre


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