The Customer Blog

This is business blog which focuses on all things Customer: customer based strategy, customer insight, customer relationships, customer experience,  customer loyalty, and leadership. 

The purpose of this blog is to:

-add to the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ by offering my independent, sometimes contrarian, perspective to the conversation;

-put something into the game of life – to make a contribution to my fellow human beings working in the Customer arena; and

help me think out loud and clarify where I stand on particular domains of business where the business intersects with customers. 

If there is anything that makes the conversations on this blog different to many others then it consists of the following:

I am present to and bring into the picture the human (existential-emotional-social-cultural) aspects that are often omitted in our taken for granted organisational narrative that focusses on data, analysis, processes, metrics and technology. I find it amazing that so many people talking about and working in the Customer field are missing the point that customers are human beings.  And human beings are emotional beings living in social groups (tribes and communities) and shaped by the culture that they swim in.

I am committed to getting the right balance between the theory, the evangelism and the reality on the ground.  I can see the value of the customer orientation and I can also see the limits.  And I do not believe that every business needs to deliver a wow customer experience.

I strive to take a skeptical – questioning – look at the subject matter.  Why?  In the words of James Surowiecki (The Wisdom of Crowds): “The problem is that once everyone starts piggybacking on the wisdom of the group, then no-one is doing anything to add to the wisdom of the group.”

I write from the context of education, and to stimulate/provoke original thinking.  We are living in disruptive times.  In disruptive times original thinking and the action that flows from it are the difference that makes a difference.  Take a good look at Apple/Steve Jobs and you are likely to find that Apple/Steve Jobs went against the accepted answers, formulas, solution.  If you are looking for ready-made, easy to digest, answers then this blog is not for you.

I am not ‘selling’ anything, not even my point of view If you find my point of view useful – it stimulates original thinking – then use it.  If my point of view does not create value for you then leave it where it is – on this website.

Warning: I do not claim access to ‘truth’

I hope that my point of view  inspires you to think afresh and that you will not take what I write as truth. Or as Zen masters might say: “believe nothing, test everything out for yourself.”