About The Author

Maz Iqbal – Management Consultant. Working at the Intersection of the Customer, the Enterprise, and Technology

I spent the first five years of my life on the Indian subcontinent, the rest of it in the UK, and in 2019 I moved to Central Switzerland.  

As a result of living in two different cultures that had very different perspectives on many facets of life, I acquired a questioning, inquisitive mind.  And, got the value of tolerance and diversity long before it became fashionable.  To this day I take the best of what I find, wherever I find it!

I have worked in customer facing roles for most of my professional life.  I have made promises to customers and have been accountable for delivering on promises made by myself or others in the organisation. My conduct towards my customers? ‘My word is my bond’.

For me, people-relationships-experiences matter more than stuff, whatever the stuff.  Therefore, my commitment is to treat people as they wish to be treated, mindful of human dignity. 

My word matters to me. And, as such I strive to live by and honour my word.  That does not mean that I do not make mistakes and creates messes. I do! When this happens, I clean up the mess – almost always that means healing and wounded relationships. Why? Because I am clear that relationships are both fundamental to human existence and there needs to be harmony between myself and others.

If you want to learn more about me, at the level of my being as a human being, then please check out this blog: Existential Conversations For Playing Big.

If you want to contact me

If it occurs to you that you would like to contact me then I invite you to do so using one of the following:

Email: maz@thecustomerblog.co.uk

Twitter: @thecustomerblog

Please do not waste your time contacting me to offer me your content as I am not in the content publishing business. Nor will it be worth your while contacting me to market your product/service as I am not in the advertising/marketing business. I am in the business of provoking thought.