Happiness, Leadership and Customer-Centricity?

What is the connection between happiness, leadership and customer-centricity?

On Happiness

A lot has been written about happiness. Not much of it speaks to me. And there are some speakers whose speaking resonates with me. Let’s start by listening to a wisdom master:

Happiness is almost not worth talking about because the instant you turn happiness into a goal it isn’t attainable any more. In other words, happiness isn’t something you can work towards.

– Werner Erhard

Let’s follow this up with the following quote which is in alignment with that which Werner Erhard is pointing at:

Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of travelling.

– Margaret Lee Runbeck

On Leadership

Many want what are presented as the trappings of leadership.  Few get the reality, lived experience, of being a leader and the exercise of leadership. What is the reality? I’d say it something like the following:

Being a leader and the exercise of leadership is not a destination you aim for or arrive at. Nor is it the path that you take. It is a manner of being-showing up in the world and travelling.

If that sounds a little philosophical for you. Then I share the following with you, courtesy of Shane Parrish at Farnham Street:

.. actually leading is different. A leader decides to accept responsibility for others in a way that assumes stewardship of their hopes, their dreams, and sometimes their very lives.….

It is mostly just hard work. More than anything else it requires self-discipline. Colorful, charismatic characters often fascinate people, even soldiers. But over time, effectiveness is what counts. Those who lead most successfully do so while looking out for their followers’ welfare. Self-discipline manifests itself in countless ways. In a leader I see it as doing those things that should be done, even when they are unpleasant, inconvenient, or dangerous; and refraining from those that shouldn’t, even when they are pleasant, easy, or safe.

– General Stanley McChrystal

 On Customer-Centricty

I’ll leave you with my take on customer-centricity which is manifested in many ways including creating-generating customer experiences that leave customers feeling happy, even delighted, in doing business with you:

Customer-centricity is not a station you arrive at. Nor is it the path that you travel. Customer-centricity is the manner of your showing up (in the world) and travelling.

I wish you a great day. And on this first day of a new year of living for me, I thank you for listening to my speaking. Your existence makes a contribution to my existence. Let’s work together to co-create a world that works for all.


2 thoughts on “Happiness, Leadership and Customer-Centricity?”

    1. Hello James,

      I thank you for sharing this with me. Upon finding myself watching the talk I realised that I had already listened to it. And I got more value out of watching it a second time. So thank you.

      Recently, I found myself entering into another year of life. On my birthday I was so EXCITED, I just could not wait for my birthday celebration with family members. Why? I had given some thought as to how I wish to live this year. And given that stand, that commitment, I had a plan. When the time came to celebrate, I start the celebration by giving something to each person around the table. They were confused. They couldn’t get why it was that on my birthday, I was handing out gifts instead of taking them. Once, they got that I was not joking, their faces lit up. And I got that which really speaks to me: heartfelt hugs and faces with genuine smiles. Yes, money can buy happiness. For me money buys me happiness when I choose to spend it on lifting others.

      I wish you the very best friend. Thank you for the gift of being in communication with you.

      At your service / with love


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