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  1. Maz, my pet hate. And then they can’t understand why their operation is so expensive. A case study in how not to run a business.

    As my 9 year old says “It does my head in”


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    • Hello James

      What can I say? You are going to love my follow up experience – what happened when I went to my local branch. That post will be coming soon so watch out for it.


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  2. Hi Maz,
    Unbelievable! A separate business but it is run out of the same branch? I assume that they operate on similar or the same systems (I would hope they do) and so would imagine that it’s not too difficult to get the systems to talk to each other. Says a lot about their orientation.


    Ps. I’ve been having problems leaving comments using my account as it sends me through to a login page and I lose the comment and have to rewrite it. Any clues/help?

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    • Hello Adrian

      First, I thank you for persisting in leaving your comments even though you are having to rewrite them. As to your plea for help, I am looking into it and as yet I have not been able to figure out what is going on: I cannot replicate what you are experiencing. Nonetheless, I will take another look and reach out to WordPress to see if I can get help in addresing this issue.

      Barclays, wait till I write about my experience at the local branch. And what I learned about Barclays after some digging. You are going to love that!


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      • Hi Maz,
        I’m experiencing the same problem with other sites so not sure what is happening.

        As for your Barclays sequel….you should write film trailers :) I can’t wait to read it :)


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  3. great blog post, really dissapointing how these people make millions with such bad customer service. The only thing I can not answer myself notmatter how many times I ponder about it is: Dont they care about Customer Service? Do they make so much money they dont mind losing customers? Don’t they train their staff? I threatened in the past to leave their company and they didnt do anything to stop me. I was also pitched the other day (this is MY money they want to take btw) and when i raised my objections and concerns I got something along these lines “well sir if you dont want to work with us fine”.


    I will follow you on twitter and here as this is the first blog in a long time I find valuable and enjoyable to read info.

    Keep up the good work!

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    • First, I’d love to know your name so that I can address you by your name. Second, I thank you for dropping by and creating a conversation by sharing your experience, your point of view.

      What can I say except that the thoughts that go through your mind go through mine. As far as I can see the banks have an oligoply – they have carved up the market and they all do business the same way. So you have to accept what they give if you want banking. Furthermore, financial services organisations are set up / designed to make money at the ignorance, laziness and stupidity of the public – us. And we have gone along with that game for so long that the banks have no need to change. Any change will have to be driven by the Government. That would be feasible if it was not for the reality: the banks own the ministers, the government. Just look at the banking crisis and who has come out of it laughing and incredibly rich!

      Once again thanks for dropping by and thanks for your kind words. Incidentally, you are going to love my experience in the Barclays branch – a post will be coming soon on that so watch out for it.

      At your service / with my love

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  4. just found this on a gaming web site complaing about Virgin media and how they deceive people with their new “free 100MB upgrade” policy

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    • Hello again, great to hear your voice again.

      What you are pointing to is now common in the ISP and mobile telecommunications market place. The fact is that the infrastructure is simply not there to cope with the demand. So ‘traffic management’ is in vogue and it is advocated and aggressively pushed by telecom suppliers like Alcatel-Lucent who recognise the issue and have built ‘traffic management’ solutions.

      Now when have Marketing depts been connected to and constrained by reality. Marketing depts exist and utilise classic ‘propaganda’ techniques to get you to sign-up. They know that you and I will never read the terms and conditions. So they can make pretty much any claim they want to get you to sign-up. And once they have done that then they have delivered on their objectives as mandated by the organisation.

      Ultimately it comes down to us to be vigilant and to share / expose these ‘corrupt’ practices. If we had effective government / regulation / consumer laws then this kind of thing would be outlawed. Look closely at government and you are likely to find that it is an institution that is corrupt by its design. So we have to look after ourselves.

      At your service / with my love

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